We’re a game changing company.
Our purpose is directing people, leaders and organisations
being game changers.

Our definition of game changing: Discovering and working with the dynamisms within a group/organisation, which lead to systemic and enduring change. That is, change that resolves the underlying cause(s) and not just the presenting symptom(s), often driven by ‘out of awareness’ beliefs, assumptions and dynamic processes at intra-personal, inter-personal and group levels.

What we do


Why it matters

Business is not always black and white. In our world of accelerating change, there are an increasing number of grey management / leadership areas and a growing appreciation that no one can solve non-rational problems using only rational approaches. Hence, our approach coming from different angles, is based on a created trust-network so that grounded solutions develop. This results in empowering your people to interact with management’s reality. The achieved end results are our purpose – piloting leaders into being game changers.

Who we are

We are an integrated management consultancy, leadership coaching and organisational development company, collaborating with clients to deliver personalised and customised game changing solutions.

Francesco Placanica (au.linkedin.com/in/gamechanging) is the founder and Managing Director of Placanica Pty Ltd.

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